COVID -19 update: Disposable mask and gloves are used to create the nappy cakes. We shrink-wrap all our products prior to delivery for hygienic purposes.

3-Tier Nappy Cake | Grey - Nappie Cakes
3-Tier Nappy Cake | Grey - Nappie Cakes

3-Tier Nappy Cake | Grey

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Celebrate a baby on the way with this adorable 3-tier Nappy Cake. This will leave a lasting memory for the newborn family at the Baby Shower. Plus, you can never have enough nappies as a new parent. It is a very cute and practical gift for the newborn.

This 3- tier Nappy Cake (Grey) includes:

  • Newborn Huggies nappies x45
  • Flannelette wrap
  • Terry towel
  • Baby face washer
  • Bib
  • Complimentary greeting card


We don't roll the nappies individually. Why?

  • You get more nappies
  • It's more hygienic
  • ‎It will not be deformed
  • Can you imagine sitting there unrolling 30 nappies after the baby shower? I'm sure the mum will be crying.

Nappy Cake Transportation:

After the nappy cake has been created we vacuum seal it in plastic to ensure the nappies will stay fresh, hygienic and in shape during transportation.


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