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Christmas Snowman Animation Nappy Cake

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Who said that nappy cakes are only for a newborn?

The Christmas Collection can cater for up to a 12-month baby (size 5 Huggies nappy). It is such a fun and practical first Christmas gift.

This Christmas Snowman Animation Nappy Cake included:

x 25 newborn Huggies nappies or x 15 size 5 Huggies nappies

x 1 Plush blanket 90 cm x 90 cm 

x1 Singing and Dancing Snowman





You can never have enough nappies as a new parent!!

This is such a cute and practical gift for babies!

We don't roll the nappies individually. Why?

  • You get more nappies
  • It's more hygienic
  • ‎It will not be deformed
  • Can you imagine sitting there unrolling 30 nappies after the baby shower? I'm sure the mum will be crying.

Nappy Cake Transportation:

After the nappy cake has been created we vacuum seal it in plastic to ensure the nappies will stay fresh, hygienic and in shape during transportation.