Small Business who creates Nappy Cake involves in Walk for Autism-

GIVE BACK - Walk For Autism involves in Walk For Autism Charity Walk


Autism is different for everyone. Providing the right support requires understanding individual strengths, interests and aspirations. There are no one-size fits all solution.

I am very passionate about this cause because my cousin has Level 3 autism and I can see how difficult it is for people around him to understand his needs. With the appropriate care from family and community, he is now 19 years old and a true adult. I solute my Auntie for her patience, love and attention to detail in caring for a loving soul. 

This cause creates an understanding and acceptance for people with the autism spectrum. That is why I believe in this cause so deeply. 

Nappie Cakes formed a team with their Brand Ambassador and Brand Reps for the first time in 2019 fundraising for 'Walk for Autism'. Our team has raised $611.00 for during the course of this amazing Charity. 

If you are interested to donate. It is never too late, every little bit helps.


Click here to find out more about Walk For Autism

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Good on you. Such an important cause!


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