COVID -19 update: Disposable mask and gloves are used to create the nappy cakes. We shrink-wrap all our products prior to delivery for hygienic purposes.

The Creator for Nappie Cakes - Minnie Lam

Hi! My name is Minnie and I am the creator of Nappie Cakes.

I would describe myself as a creative, passionate and driven individual. When one of my close friends was having her baby shower, I really wanted to give her something special. I thought to myself, “Who said nappies needed to come in a box?! Let’s have fun with it!” That’s when the first nappy cake was born - The Elephant Bike. 

I realised I really enjoyed making nappy cakes, as it’s such a unique yet functional gift. Every nappy cake can be customised and I loved that. Something truly one of a kind, and a great baby shower present. 

From there, I made my second nappy cake and that’s where my journey of 'Nappie Cakes' began. I’ve received countless support and encouragement from mentors and friends to help me start up my own business and so here I am!

When I’m not making nappy cakes, I work for a global company in creative services, I truly love every minute of what I do. I also enjoy my yoga time in the morning and cooking at nights and on weekends.

Thank you for being here with me to walk through the journey with me in 'Nappie Cakes' and I hope you enjoy seeing my products as much as I love making them.

Stay in touch so you can walk this journey with me!

Much Love, Minnie xxx