What is a Nappy Cake?

When I go out and talk to people about our business, many people respond with...

you: "What? Do you eat it?"

me: "You don't eat it, but you need it!"

Traditionally, a nappy cake is made to look like a tiered cake however they have no calories and are non-edible. 

Our signature nappy cakes are made with rolled up nappies which are tied with ribbons and wrapped in blankets. Our nappy cakes can be personalised to suit any budget and can be filled with baby essentials such as blankets, hats, bibs, wash cloth, socks etc… all the practical items for the birth of a newborn.

NAPPIE CAKES thinks beyond a regular tiered cake shape. Check out our signature designs-  Nappy OwlsCupcake Bibs and Nappy Bike.  

We can personalise our designs to match your needs and budget, and there are endless possibilities in creating the perfect unique nappy cake for your loved ones.