What is a Nappy Cake?

What is a Nappy Cake?

A Nappy Cake is a creative and practical gift for newborn parents. Think of it as a gift pack with all the baby essentials.

For example, a traditional Nappy Cake would be a tiered nappy cake filled with baby essentials such as nappies, receiving blanket, towel, face washer, bath duck, bib or even a headband.

At NappieCakes.com.au we do things out of the ordinary, we like to incorporate the essentials into the design. For example, our signature Nappy Owl.

Every single baby needs disposable nappies and you can never have enough. Did you know that a newborn baby can be change up to 12 times a day!

 Owl Nappy Cake Collection


Why do you need a Nappy Cake?

Baby Shower 

A baby shower is a party of gift-giving, it celebrates an expected birth of a child, the transformation of a woman into a mother. A Nappy Cake will be a perfect gift to leave them a lasting memory.

No Vax. No visit. No problems.

NSW Health department suggests that it is important to get whooping cough vaccination to protect a newborn baby. If you are not vaccinated, you can still show them your love by sending them a Nappy Cake. Click here for more information on vaccination.


Who said that Nappy Cakes are just for a newborn? Instead of giving them a REAL Cake Smash for their 1-year birthday photography session, you can give them a Nappy Cake to smash to save the washing up and the sugar high!

NappieCakes.com.au's Nappy Cakes are stylish, fun and creative. It is becoming a popular gift to give a new parent in a hospital/ baby shower or as maternity leave farewell present in Australia. Our Nappy Cakes stand out from the crowd, giving one as a gift will create a lasting memory.

Cake Smash Photography with a Nappy Cake

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