What is pop'd?

What is pop'd?


In December 2018, pop’d was launched (www.popd.com.au).  pop’d quickly became Australia’s #1 marketplace & directory for pregnancy, babies & kids – with well over 1,500 amazing products & services for new mums and mums to-be! Sarah Hudson, mum of 1 and bonus mum of 2, shares why she created pop’d and how she hopes it will help mums and mums-to-be.

What is pop’d?

pop’d is an Australian marketplace and services directory for all things pregnancy, babies & kids!  On pop’d you can:

  • Find fantastic local services & activities to help you through your pregnancy and early parenting journey. Services such as pregnancy massage, prenatal fitness classes, birth education classes, baby photographers, lactation consultants, baby sleep consultants, baby music & sensory classes, and so much more!
  • Discover an amazing range of great products to help you through your pregnancy and birth, as well as life with babies & small kids. Everything from maternity clothing and activewear, to books about birthing, baby milestone cards, baby wraps, nursery décor, playmats & change mats, toys, clothing, and so much more! If you’re going to a baby shower, we also have the most amazing range of gifts! Nappy Cakes, baby journals, apron nappy towels, beautiful baby-friendly jewellery for mum, swaddles & blankets and so much more. With over 50 Australian baby-brands, there’s a lot to explore!

Why did you start this business?

In January 2018, our beautiful baby girl was born.  After we came out of the newborn fog, I realised how lucky we’d been to have had a lot of professional support during pregnancy and the newborn period. We’d found a great obstetrician, birthing classes, sleep consultant, sleepsuits, and comforters, and that’s just the start of the list. But it felt like I’d found out about these wonderful services and products by accident! Most mums I knew didn’t know that many of these services & products existed.

What else was out there that I hadn’t been aware of? A huge amount, I’ve since found out: pregnancy massage, prenatal fitness classes, maternity photography, private midwives and doulas, infant first aid classes, professional car seat installers, pelvic floor physios, and so much more…

What will be available for our sweet bub as she grows? Again, a huge amount: unique clothes, toys & bedroom decor, a wide range of baby music classes, sensory classes and swimming classes, local family photographers, fun activities to do, & much (much!) more…

So, midway through my maternity leave, I decided to leave my very satisfying management consulting career and launch pop’d. pop’d is a simple concept with a big aim: to help Australian mums connect with a comprehensive range of products and local services to support them as they go through their uniquely incredible journey of pregnancy, babies, and kids.

Sarah Hudson from pop'd

Who uses pop’d?

pop'd is loved by pregnant women, and mums of babies and toddlers.  First-time mums & mums-to-be love pop’d because we help them discover the many great products & services providers out there who are there to help them & their precious babies.  Mums of more than one love us because we help them quickly find fantastic products, services & activities to make their lives easier.

What does the future hold for pop’d?

We’re excited to be adding fantastic products and services for pregnancy, babies & kids every day! There’s always great new products, services & activities to discover to help you along with your pregnancy & parenting journey! Check us out now at www.popd.com.au!


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