What is a nappy cake?

Wait.. what is a nappy cake and why do you need one? When I go out and talk to people about our business, many people respond with...

you: "What? Do you eat it?"

me: "You don't eat it but you need it!"

Here is why you need a nappy cake...

Baby shower

Every single baby needs disposable nappies and you can never have enough! They are the perfect baby shower gift. But how do you present this? Instead of just giving them a packet of nappies, you can give them a gorgeous nappy cake!

No needles, no visit!

When you have a friend/family member who has just had a newborn, but you are not up to date with your whooping cough vaccination. You can still show them your love by sending them a nappy cake!

Photo shoot

NappieCakes.com.au designs’ are very unique and creative. They are an excellent photo worthy prop. Instead of giving them a cake to smash, you can give them a nappy cake... save the washing up and the sugar high!

Our nappy cakes are unique, fun and creative. They stand out from the crowd. Giving one as a gift to your mother/father-to-be, they will fall in love with in and always be remembered.

How we package our nappy cakes?

We don't roll the nappies individually and we vacuum seal the nappy cakes before transportation.

Why don't we roll our nappies individually? You get more nappies to start with and they won't deform. It is also more hygienic as each nappy is not handled singularly. Mostly importantly, can you imagine sitting there unrolling 30 nappies after the baby shower to put away? This would make me cry, especially if I am heavily pregnant! 

After the nappy cake has been created we vacuum seal it in plastic. This is to ensure the nappies will stay fresh and hygienic and the cake stays in shape during transportation.

Minnie xxx

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