Why you need a Nappy Cake?

  • Baby Showers

    A baby shower is a celebration of the upcoming arrival of a newborn child and the transformation of a woman into a mother. Traditionally guests would bring gifts to help the mother “set up” for their expected arrival. A Nappy Cake is a perfect unique gift for this special occasion and it will leave a memorable impression.

  • Personalised Delivered Gift

    If you live far or interstate, or just unable to visit the newborn. We can help deliver a nappy cake to your loved ones. 

  • Photoshoots

    Who said that Nappy Cakes are just for a newborn? Instead of giving them a REAL Cake Smash for their first birthday photography session, you can give them a Nappy Cake to smash! You can save time from cleaning the mess and avoid your baby having a sugar high!